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Play Area


Let's play - safely!

Traditional playground surfaces are varied; mulch, pea gravel, cement, and rubber chips are a few of the go-to options that are stuck in the past. More and more playgrounds are starting to make the switch to the future of playground landscaping: synthetic turf. It’s a safer, cleaner, and more cost-effective alternative and our manufacturer is the number one choice in providing synthetic turf to you. We utilize technology that provides optimal safety and durability in any playground. The traditional surfaces deteriorate over time and are prone to creating future safety hazards.


Playgrounds experience heavy foot traffic and in certain areas, such as under swing sets and merry-go-rounds, patchy and uneven areas are often found in traditional playground surfaces. Exposed dirt can be dangerous, causing child injury or harm due to accidental falls. Playgrounds that use rubber or rubber chip surfaces are slightly safer, however, in extreme weather conditions, the rubber can become hot to the touch or become brittle and crack under pressure. These reactions to hot and cold put the safety of those enjoying the playground in jeopardy while also wasting your investment in your playground landscape.

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